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    • 26*17 inches
    • color- Navy Blue
    • Charmesue silk case
    • Customized size is available, contact customer service-, with the custom size and color required

      Experience the sumptuous softness of breathable, durable silk.

    Silk Pillow Cases~ Navy Blue

    PriceFrom ₹649.00
    • Silk can help your hair retain moisture from products and natural oils, and reduces friction that causes tugging of facial skin. Hairstylists and dermatologists around the globe recommend silk for hair, as it reduces friction and preserves your hair. Being anti-allergic and nonabsorbent, our silk pillow covers will prevent your skin and hair from dehydration through the night.

    • Hand washing is best. If machine washing, wash cold, on most gentle cycle and mild silk-friendly soap. Do not bleach. Air dry. For best results, wash separately. Or dry clean. The heat from the dryer can damage silk threads.

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